This Mom Started A Business Where Women Can Crowdfund Their Plastic Surgery

    Allegra Cole says her business empowers women.

    Hello, world. Meet Allegra Cole. Not only is she an entrepreneur, model, consultant, sex therapist, counselor, wife, and concierge, but she is also a mother to eight children!

    Allegra started her career as a big bust glamour model and says she has impacted her followers – over 800,000 of them – in a unique way. Allegra says, "They have seen me grow into a businesswoman, a plastic surgery maven, and an activist."

    And Allegra's latest business venture – one that allows women to crowdfund their plastic surgery – has been gaining attention in the media. Allegra tells BuzzFeed she wants to help women "glow up" so they can be the best possible versions of themselves.

    She says her website – – will be a platform for models to feature their bios, and, if an individual likes their story, they can buy various picture packages and content from the model. will be an extension of Allegra's current website and business

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    ACole Industries, or ACI, is a production company run by Allegra that produces everything from Youtube videos to spoofs to sexy content that the models can use to sell in their donation packages. Allegra also says it is a one-stop-shop for any social media and marketing needs. "We also offer advice, assistance, and consultation to interested women," says Allegra.

    Allegra's idea was born when her second breast augmentation was crowdfunded. "I saw how much stress it took out of getting implants and I realized many women would get plastic surgery if the expense was taken care of – it would be a no-brainer."

    Allegra saw flaws in the system she used for getting funds for her surgery, though, and that's why she says her company will be different. "The major drawback for me in the system I used to get my implants was that they gouged each woman for the funds they had raised. The company was also being unscrupulous with those funds and were eventually shut down completely."

    Allegra says she has had great surgeries with great results, but admitted she's had others that were the exact opposite. "That’s one of the other reasons I created ACole Industries. Personally, I was already a resource for many friends and acquaintances. Women would come to me to ask for my advice on many different things, including surgery. I saw that I could create a business out of my God-given gift of gab."

    Allegra says her husband has been an integral part of her business venture. "I love my family so much! They give me the strength, support, and courage to continue building every day. I couldn’t imagine anything I could be doing that would bring me a greater sense of joy and accomplishment than being a wife and mother."

    As for Allegra's own plastic surgery journey? She says she has been happy at every stage she's been at, but she does plan on going bigger and documenting the process.

    You can follow Allegra on Instagram, and visit her websites AColeIndustries and BoobJobs4Moms for more information.