This Woman Used A $25 Blanket To Make Pajamas Just Like Kim Kardashian's $268 Set On SKIMS

    The blanket was from Walmart!

    This is 23-year-old influencer and college student Kheumani.

    In one of her recent DIY tutorials on YouTube, she showed how she made Kim Kardashian's expensive pajamas out of a $25 blanket from Walmart!

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    Kheumani told BuzzFeed, "I noticed the positive response received on social media regarding Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS cozy pajama set. The only complaint from some people on social media was the price point. For this reason, I decided to recreate the fashionable look for an inexpensive price to motivate others that were not able to afford the pajama set."

    For reference, Kim's shapewear clothing line – SKIMS – sells pajama pants for $88, a tank for $52, and a robe for $128, making the whole pajama set $268 total.

    Kheumani shared her tutorial on Twitter and it quickly went viral with over 320,000 likes and over 56,000 retweets.

    I heard Kim K charging $250+ for this set & I just made it for $25 out of a blanket I got from Walmart. You’re welcome 😭 Link to tutorial-

    People appreciated her craftiness in the DIY.

    @Kheumani I used to take skirts and make crop tops dresses turn things that we normally wear and reverse how you wear them im big on fashion @ Kheumani do your thing beautiful piece you put together looks just as fabulous you did so good Lady keep it up

    People were excited to make them for their partners.

    @Kheumani No cap finna make this for my girl, thank you🙏🏾

    And, well, some people just admired her because they don't know how to sew, lol.

    @Kheumani @elijahsalright Please post y’all attempts lmaoooo. This is amazing btw.

    So, wanna know how she made it? OK! Go to Walmart and get this blanket in a king size:

    Next, you will need a crop top, lounge pants, and a bath robe.

    "I used a robe, tank top, and pajama pants from my closet as a template for sizing purposes. I cut out all the pieces for the pajama set, then sewed the appropriate pieces together to recreate the look," explained Kheumani.

    And that's it! The result looks like this:

    Kheumani said she is a huge fan of Kim K. "Her success in the fashion industry is both inspirational and aspirational. Furthermore, it is also important to add your own personal touch so that it is an inspired look versus a replica," she said.

    To see more of Kheumani's videos, check out her YouTube page.