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    Posted on Jun 27, 2018

    Chrissy Teigen's Tweet About Only Her Understanding Luna Is Relatable AF

    "ok I will get you a piece of sausage in just a minute."

    I present: Chrissy Teigen. No explanation needed.

    Well, Chrissy – who's now a mom of two – recently tweeted something that only parents will truly get.

    chrissyteigen / Via Instagram: @chrissyteigen

    It's that moment when peoples' toddlers are jabbering away and you can't understand a word of it. Yeah, we've all been there.


    But then you ask their parents and they immediately know what they're saying. It's like they have a secret language with the kid.


    Parents had cute explanations for it.

    And people definitely related.

    Even those with cats.

    It's a universal toddler/parent language.

    Ah, Chrissy, being cute and relatable forever.

    Chrissy Teigen / Snapchat

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