This TikTok Showing How Nurses Train For Childbirth Is So Realistic, I Am At A Loss For Words

    Hello, loves. I see you are here for some fascinating female body content!

    So, let's get right to it. TikTok user @mrsbeardedtheo has recently been sharing some of her nursing school experiences while she's learning about childbirth.

    And, as someone who has given birth vaginally, I will say the training she's been getting looks pretty darn accurate. Just see for yourself:

    I know, that was a lot to take in. So, let's break it down...

    During labor, the cervix widens to 10 centimeters in diameter so the baby can pass through the birth canal.

    Then, as the baby enters the vagina, the skin and muscles stretch to allow the baby to exit. We see this happen to the dummy in the video:

    Once the baby's head gets out, the woman should feel some relief and she stops pushing for a bit.

    The baby’s mouth and nose should be suctioned next to clear out amniotic fluid and mucus. Again, we see this happen here:

    As the woman starts to push again, the doctor will align the baby's head with the rest of their body. Next, the shoulders come out...

    ...shortly followed by the rest of its body:

    So, there you have it: A VAGINAL BIRTH IN A TIKTOK!