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This Teacher's Students Thought She Was Drinking Alcohol Every Day In Her Coffee

Shannon Maxey's class thought her syrup flavoring was booze.

Shannon Maxey is a coffee-loving third grade teacher based in Florida.

Shannon told BuzzFeed she loves coffee so much, she has a Keurig in her classroom. "I drink coffee every single morning when my kids come in." Shannon also adds vanilla almond syrup for flavoring.

Well, recently, one of Shannon's students said she had to ask her something ~privately~. The student quietly whispered her question: "Why do you keep liquor by your coffee?"

Shannon quickly realized the student was talking about her bottle of syrup flavoring and she started laughing. "In hindsight, every time I would go in for a second cup (which wasn't every day), the kids would say, 'Dang Mrs. Maxey, you're having MORE coffee?!'"

Shannon said she shares the syrup with other teachers. "That is actually how this all sparked. I asked one of the kids to bring the flavoring to another teacher and then to bring it right back to me. After she brought it back, she asked why I keep the liquor by my coffee maker. She probably thought I was passing it from teacher to teacher!"

Almost every single kid in Shannon's class thought the flavoring was some kind of alcohol. "I asked them why they didn't ever say anything to me and they said, 'We just thought you put a little beer in your coffee every day.'"

She decided to then share the hilarious moment on Facebook, where it now has more than 26,000 shares. "I was so flabbergasted that my students didn't ever call me out on it, so I had to share!"

Facebook: shannon.l.maxey

Well, Mrs. Maxey, we are glad your students don't think you're drinking on the job anymore. And it looks like you taught them more than what was on the syllabus this year!