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A Recent Video Shows Meghan Markle Has Totally Lost Her American Accent

I can hear it.

I'm pretty sure it's safe to say everyone knows who Meghan Markle is by now.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

She married Prince Harry back in May and is now the Duchess of Sussex.

Wpa Pool / Getty Images

And Meghan – who was born and raised in L.A. – now resides in England as royalty.

Charley Gallay / Getty Images

The above photo is Meghan back in 2010 at the Chateau Marmont (local celeb hangout) for Some Kind-a Gorgeous Style and Beauty Lounge.

Back in January, this twitter video of Meghan got posted and some claimed to hear a ~slight~ British accent. I could not hear it.

It's official - Prince Harry is a feminist, Meghan Markle revealed today. Jessica Phillips, 23, told Meghan she loved having a feminist in the Royal Family.

But, in this recent tweet from June, I can 100% hear a British accent.

Meghan said my name, that’s me done😭

Now, I'm no accent professional, but apparently people on Twitter are deeming this "British inflections" (not an accent).

alisontafel / Via Twitter: @alisontafel
aliarikan / Via Twitter: @aliarikan

But – accent investigators aside – I think we can all agree this new "accent" is definitely not an L.A. one.

skyvalkers / Via Twitter: @skyvaIkers

In her defense, simply being around the royal family 24/7 would be enough to make any girl develop SOME sort of accent.

Daniel Leal-olivas / AFP / Getty Images
divineblueprint / Via Twitter: @divineblueprint

So, there you have it. A former Angeleno with a new-found British accent. And I think it's cute – OK, BYE!

Niklas Hallen / AFP / Getty Images