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These 10 Questions Will Reveal What Type Of Mom You'll Be

Are you a helicopter mom or just a hot-mess mom?

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  1. It's the annual bake sale at your kid's school. What do you bring?

    el_clicks / Getty
  2. You're headed to the pool with your kid and their friend today. What do you bring with you?

    FamVeld / Getty
  3. It's summertime. What will your kid be doing?

    George Rudy / Getty
  4. How old will your kid be when you let them have a cell phone?

    dolgachov / Getty
  5. Your kid refuses to eat dinner at a friend's house. What do you do?

    Tomwang112 / Getty
  6. You have a playdate scheduled for your kid later today, but they were being really bad all morning. What do you do?

    SIphotography / Getty
  7. It's Saturday night. What are you doing?

    miwa_in_oz / Getty
  8. It's your kid's birthday. How do you celebrate?

    miwa_in_oz / Getty
  9. You notice a rash on your kid that wasn't there before and your kid says it's not itchy or bugging them. What do you do?

    jcarillet /Getty
  10. Your babysitter canceled last minute and you have an important event to attend. What do you do?

    Ridofranz / Getty

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