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Pink's Recent Instagram Pic Of Her And Her Daughter Is Motherhood In A Nutshell


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Here's Pink, just being Pink. Singer. Songwriter. Badass mom with a badass family.

Instagram: @pink

Yup. She's practicing a dance number while holding her daughter, Willow, like it's NBD.

pink / Via Instagram: @pink

People, of course, loved the pic.

I mean, they flat out admired her.

And many related to the real-life aspect of it all.

This isn't the first time Pink has "mommed" while working, either.

Instagram: @pink

She is the best definition of working mom.

Instagram: @pink

And let's just say she is a damn good multi-tasker as well.

Instagram: @pink

Thanks, Pink, for being one boss mom role model for us all!

Instagram: @pink

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