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This Toddler Got Trapped Inside A Spinning Washing Machine And It Is The Definition Of Terror

"She was screaming, but you couldn’t hear her."

A Colorado mom is warning others after she recently found her young daughter trapped inside a running washing machine.

Lindsey and Alan McIver are parents to 4-year-old Jace, 6-year-old Lexi, and 3-year-old Kloe.

The couple recently purchased an LG front-loading washing machine and Kloe got trapped inside. Lindsey told the viral story on Facebook and it has since been shared over 324,000 times.

BuzzFeed spoke with Lindsey who said the morning after the washing machine was hooked up, her kids – Jace and Kloe – curiously went to check it out.

Kloe crawled inside and Jace shut the door, began pressing buttons, and the machine started. Lindsey said, "As soon as it began agitating, our 4-year-old came straight to get us. We were able to run downstairs and get her out immediately."

Because they had just purchased the machine the night before, they weren't familiar with how to unlock the door and stop the machine. Lindsey said it was a moment of terror and panic.

After they got Kloe out, there was a lot of hugging and crying. Lindsey said Kloe only suffered from a few small bumps on her head, and – after she calmed down – Kloe said, "We better not do that again."