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Parents Are Talking Behind This Mom's Back Who Always Charges For Her Kid's Birthday Parties

Bring a present, plus $20. thx.

Buckle up, parents. It's story time.

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Time to dive right in: Recently a mom wrote in to Robin Abrahams' Miss Conduct column at the Boston Globe asking for help about a mom friend who charges other parents for her kid's birthday parties.

Let's be real here. Anyone who has kids knows how expensive birthday parties can get. For reference, here's the price for a two-hour kids party near me:

Oh, and here is the cost for additional "add-on" options:

Clearly, parties can add up for kids. So, you would think...if the mom didn’t want to spend that much, she should have a party at her own place! Of course, when this mom does that, that’s when the donation box comes out.

Comedy Central

So, not only do guests have to bring a present, but they also have to either pay for the party or feel obligated to slide some cash into a donation box every year.


That being said, if the party is only possible with donations from the guests, perhaps it’s not totally inappropriate. Especially since she does make it clear to the guests ahead of time (and they can choose to come if they want to or not).


Abrahams responded to the question saying that the mother should bring this issue to her friend's attention.

You can read her full response here.

And I'm no expert, but may I suggest possibly dropping a printed copy of this Forbes article on how to save money on your kid's birthday party in the donation box at her next party?

  1. So, what do you think? Is it OK to ask birthday guests for money?

    So, what do you think? Is it OK to ask birthday guests for money?

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So, what do you think? Is it OK to ask birthday guests for money?
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