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    This Mom Caught The Moment On Camera When A Tree Fell Through Her Roof, Nearly Killing Her Baby

    "It made my stomach turn — it was nothing like I’d ever seen before..."

    The unthinkable happened to a Louisana family a couple of weeks ago.

    Courtney Buchholtza

    Kale, Courtney, and 6-month-old Cannon Buchholtz were in their home when a large oak tree struck their house. On Facebook, Courtney Buchholtz shared the tragic aftermath:

    Facebook: Court1152

    BuzzFeed spoke to Courtney, who explained the most terrifying part of the whole experience: the tree fell right above Cannon's crib while he was sleeping in it.

    Courtney Buchholtza

    "It was just like any other night — bathtime, nighttime prayers, bottle, snuggles, then sleep. There was some thunder and lightning outside, but it seemed like a typical summertime storm, so I didn’t think twice about putting Cannon to sleep in his room instead of with us in our room," she said.

    "I put Cannon into his crib at 7:42 p.m., my husband and I sat down to watch a movie before bed, and the tree fell at 7:44 p.m. If you watch the video from the living room, when the tree actually hits, everything flew off of our shelves and the lights flew out of the ceiling — we felt the house shake. I think my husband and I (and our dogs) were confused as to what had just happened because we just looked at each other, and that’s when I looked down at the baby monitor..."

    "... I saw debris flying on the baby monitor, and my first thought was that lightning hit the house and shattered the window, because you can hear me say, 'Kale, the window!' We immediately got up and ran to Cannon’s room, and that’s when we saw the tree through the ceiling in our hallway with water pouring into our house," she explained.

    Courtney Buchholtza

    She added, "My mind went crazy in those moments because I feared the worst. As I turned to go into Cannon's room, there was sheetrock, insulation, and wood beams that had fallen all over his room. I got to him pretty quickly, even though it felt like an eternity. He was screaming, which meant that he was breathing, so I knew that he was alive."

    Courtney told BuzzFeed she was (and is) more traumatized about everything than Cannon ever was. "After already going through child loss, the thought of losing him was the most helpless feeling I’ve felt in a long time. I picked him up and ran straight to the kitchen to wash off his face. My husband took him from me so he could assess him for any injuries — he was perfect, and he even started giggling," she said.

    Courtney Buchholtza

    Courtney said it's tough to watch the baby monitor footage. "My heart sinks, which is pretty much how everyone feels when they watch it. I was glad we had the footage because we could really see that nothing heavy actually fell on top of him. It almost looked like a shield was protecting him. We always say that our firstborn son, Kasen, who passed away in 2016, is Cannon’s guardian angel, and he is always protecting his little brother. This is proof of that if I’ve ever seen it. We thank God every single day for his protection."

    It wasn’t until the next day when Courtney could see the house in the daylight that she realized just how bad the damage was. "It made my stomach turn — it was nothing like I’d ever seen before. The drone footage is impressive. It’s like the tree just sliced through the whole entire house."

    Courtney Buchholtza

    Courtney said the trunk of the tree was about four feet across. "There was no sign of lightning striking it, but there was a part of it that showed signs of rotting, even though most of the tree was healthy. The wind that night was just strong enough to take it down," she explained.

    Courtney Buchholtza

    The Buchholtz family is currently renting a house in Baton Rouge until theirs gets repaired. Courtney expects it to take several months, possibly even a year. "We appreciate all of the love, all of the thoughts and prayers! So many people have asked us if we have a GoFundMe account, and the answer to that is no. For those who have felt like they wanted to help, I’ve sent them my Venmo (@Court1152)," she said.

    Courtney Buchholtza

    "We have been through something similar to this before when our house flooded with five and a half feet of water in 2016. It was a trying time in our lives, but we survived it, and we will survive this too. It won’t be easy, and it will definitely be stressful for a while, but we are forever thankful that our lives were spared. It could have been so much worse."

    We are happy little Cannon and Courtney and her husband are safe! Again, Courtney's Venmo is @Court1152 if you would like to send something to help their family.

    Courtney Buchholtza

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