This 3-Year-Old Boy Born Without Limbs Will Make Your Heart Grow Ten Sizes

    This is the best thing you will see today, promise.

    Katie Whiddon of Denton, Texas, is a blogger and the proud mom of 3-year-old Camden, who was born without hands or legs.

    Camden was born with Phocomelia Syndrome which is a rare birth defect in which the bones of the arms are shortened or absent.

    Whiddon's recent video of Camden helping Jaxton with his pacifier is getting a lot of attention. And we are here for the adorable moment.

    "Camden also helps me out with wiping Jaxton's mouth and patting his butt when he needs to be soothed. Camden took care of Ryleigh the same way when she was a baby," Whiddon added.

    And nothing is stopping Camden from learning an everyday routine on his own.

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    "Camden STILL continues to blow me away with all of the things he is capable of," said Whiddon. "He knows that he doesn't have hands or legs. He will tell you so himself. Sometimes the first thing he tells someone he just meets is, 'I don't have fingers.'"

    Right on, cutie. ❤️

    To see what Camden and his family are up to, you can follow Katie's blog, Admirably Diverse.

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