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    18 Strikingly Beautiful Photos Of What Breastfeeding Looks Like Around The World

    Motherhood is truly beautiful.

    In honor of Breastfeeding Awareness Month, Lansinoh partnered with New York City-based photographer, Tina Boyadjieva, who traveled to 18 different countries to capture mothers breastfeeding around the world.

    1. Peru

    Tina Boyadjieva

    Maryluz — seen here with her aunt, baby and llama — was happy to hear about the campaign and to participate. Breastfeeding is very common in Peru. Women breastfeed their babies in the street, walking up the mountain, at the market or whenever necessary – it is part of daily life.

    2. Kenya

    Tina Boyadjieva

    As a Maasai woman, Loolei’s normal day includes making beaded necklaces, preparing food for the children, and maintaining the house while her husband is with the cattle.

    3. Israel

    Tina Boyadjieva

    Mali is a yoga and dance instructor and this is her second baby. She lives with her husband in Jerusalem with her two children.

    4. Guatemala

    Tina Boyadjieva

    Tina took Silvia’s photo in the kitchen as it represents the place where women spend a majority of their time, especially in a community without running water or electricity. An interesting detail in her shirt is that traditional women’s shirts actually have a slit in them to make it easier for mothers to breastfeed.

    5. Mexico

    Tina Boyadjieva

    Hilda is wearing a traditional outfit in front of the main cathedral surrounded by the agave plants used to make the famous local mezcal.

    6. Germany

    Tina Boyadjieva

    At Leandra’s suggestion, they shot in a popular alley with graffiti walls representing strong messages on all socio-political aspects of life. Tina purposefully took an image with the small red heart in the background to show the deep connection you could feel between mom and baby.

    7. France

    Tina Boyadjieva

    Celine was photographed in front of the Eiffel tower. At only four months old, Celine’s daughter has undergone two open heart surgeries.

    8. China

    Tina Boyadjieva

    Before getting to Shanghai, Tina was warned that breastfeeding especially in public was generally not accepted. She was very excited to find a Chinese mom who was eager to participate in an outdoor shoot. They shot at the Yu Gardens, a central Shanghai district with classic historical buildings and a center of attraction both for Chinese and foreign tourists.

    9. Brazil

    Tina Boyadjieva

    This is Glenda’s first baby. He is healthy and growing and she breastfeeds him regularly. The shoot took place in Salvador de Bahia, the main square.

    10. Argentina

    Tina Boyadjieva

    Silvina is a mom of two children. Being a part of this campaign meant so much to her in terms of giving women and mother’s hope. While taking the photographs, other moms in the cafe noticed and inquired about the campaign, being visibly proud and supportive of the purpose of the shoot.

    11. Poland

    Tina Boyadjieva

    Dominika is the mother of four children. She and her husband have a consulting business specializing in baby and child safety at home. They educate hundreds of families and new parents on how to keep their homes child-safe and easy to manage for curious toddlers. She also happens to be a professional model and her entire family, including her youngest, have been on set from a very young age.

    12. South Africa

    Tina Boyadjieva

    Eunice is a young mom who lives at home with her parents. Their lives revolve around trying to make a living in a neighborhood with high levels of crime and disease.

    13. Spain

    Tina Boyadjieva

    Tina found a group of breastfeeding moms in their late 30s and early 40s who are all breastfeeding advocates and supporters of women’s empowerment. All six moms came to the shoot excited to participate and demonstrate the importance of women supporting each other for something as essential as breastfeeding.

    14. Sri Lanka

    Tina Boyadjieva

    W.H.N. is from a middle class household. Her husband is in the military and spends three to four months at a time away from home. The classic Sri Lankan home has a small kitchen and a big yard with a shower.

    15. Turkey

    Tina Boyadjieva

    Gulsah lives with her parents in a village close to the border of Bulgaria. A significant part of Bulgarian folklore is associated with mothers who worked in the barley fields. They used to put their babies in swings off of nearby tree branches and sing songs while cutting barley to make the time pass and so their babies would hear them.

    16. Uganda

    Tina Boyadjieva

    Sylvia has a small shop selling corn or whatever crop she can get that day. Her 2-month-old baby sleeps inside the wood shed in a box wrapped up in blankets. Babies go everywhere with their mother in Uganda. Breastfeeding is something that is barely even noticed, as it is considered completely natural and the ideal way to bring up their children. Sylvia is happy she is healthy and can breastfeed her child and was proud to have her shop included in the shot.

    17. United Kingdom

    Tina Boyadjieva

    Sophie is happily married to her husband and their baby boy is the center of their world. She had trouble with breastfeeding in the beginning, but everything is going smoothly now.

    18. United States

    Tina Boyadjieva

    Nhung is a mother of three in San Francisco. She says that breastfeeding gets easier with each child, but it still took time with each child to learn each other. As a child of immigrants, she feels that she is giving her children the life that her parents made possible.

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