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    15 Hilarious Times Mom Life Was Far From What Was Expected

    Ever had petroleum jelly smeared on every item in your home?

    Becoming a mom isn't a cakewalk — that's for sure. But that doesn't mean we can't laugh at all the unfortunate but relatable(!) moments we experience. Please enjoy these 15 funny moments shared by fellow moms:

    1. When you didn't realize how much it would change you — the left photo is Instagram user @koyangi87 before becoming a mom and the right is her after:

    2. When you thought it wasn't possible for an innocent child to make a mess of this magnitude, but then became a parent and realized it's the norm:

    3. And when you couldn't imagine a toddler crying repeatedly for no reason, but then figured out that, unfortunately, it is common:

    4. When you thought you'd be able to keep things clean, but have now come to grips with the fact that you cannot have nice things:

    Me: Do you have a napkin? Her: No, I’ll just use the couch. Me: 🤦‍♀️ @HeinzKetchup_US 😂 #momproblems

    @OverTheTopWendy / Twitter: @OverTheTopWendy

    5. And you've also come to terms with the fact that horrific things live in your car, especially under your child's car seat:

    6. When you were under the impression that you could nap when your kid naps, but reality has shown you that was a lie:

    @megan_coe / Twitter: @megan__coe

    7. When you envisioned your pregnant belly looking super cute and completely round, but it didn't look like that at all:

    Do you ever just feel like a rotisserie chicken?

    @Madiford2 / Twitter: @Madiford2

    8. And when you envisioned your boobs remaining relatively the same after pregnancy, but discovered you were very, very wrong:

    9. When you figured meal time would be much simpler than this, but found out it was not:


    I’m too tired for this life #fyp #momlife #boymom ThatsWhatILike

    ♬ original sound - ollierose88

    10. When you expected help from your family in the kitchen, but quickly found out the joke was on you:

    My mom made everyone get out of her picture with the food cause "ain't nobody help"

    @Namastewoke / Twitter: @Namastaywoke

    11. And when you thought you would have tons of ~mom friends~, but now know it's harder than it seems:

    12. When you imagined all the times you would be bragging about your ~oh-so-talented~ child, only to find yourself begging them to do the bare minimum:

    What I thought I would say as a parent: "You are going to change the world." What I say as a parent: "Stop licking the window."

    @MyMomologue / Twitter: @MyMomologue

    13. When you thought exhaustion was just an exaggeration, but soon realized it was an understatement:


    When mom life is exhausting and you pass out singing the abc’s to your baby at 6am #momfails #momsoftikok #babiesoftiktok #whileyouwerebusy #tired

    ♬ original sound - gracebaby25

    14. When you were 100% sure you were going to be the boss and have everything under control, but were proven wrong:

    Parenting in a nutshell? My 4yo just offered to let me go to sleep if I gave her 100 dollars.

    @pro_worrier_ / Twitter: @pro_worrier_

    15. And when you thought you'd have it all together, but have now embraced the fact that you're never going to completely have your shit together as a parent:

    Just heard the mom of a newborn tell her crying baby “it’s ok, we’re figuring it out... we’re just on day 8” and honestly I’m on day 3,654 and I’m still figuring it out.

    @SnarkyMommy78 / Twitter: @SnarkyMommy78

    Hey moms, we're all in this together...and we can laugh through the tears!