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    This Girl On TikTok Had A Justin Bieber Encounter And I Love How Sweet He Is

    Justin to the security guard: "Bro, chill out."

    I recently stumbled upon a TikTok about the Biebs that warms my heart because he seems genuinely sweet.

    TikTok user @makenzie_keller recently posted a video where she had a Justin encounter in her hometown. He and Hailey were out to eat at a local restaurant:

    In the video, as Justin is exiting the restaurant, a security guard sternly says, "Hey, we need everyone to back up, guys..." But he is interrupted by Justin, who says, "Bro, chill out."

    Justin then sweetly addresses his crowd of fans, saying, "We need to walk to our car over there. So, if you guys could just respect the fact that we gotta walk to the car..."

    Then adds, "It's so nice to see you guys. We appreciate you. But we gotta make sure when we walk out, you don't crowd us, you know?"

    Being the big-time celebrity that he is, Justin could have easily just let the security guard push back the crowd and walked out with his head down, not saying a single word. BUT HE DID NOT. AND I LOVE HIM EVEN MORE FOR IT.

    @makenzie_keller confirmed this happened in 2018 BEFORE COVID-19...since she was FIVE FEET away from him. SO CONGRATS TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO GOT TO BE FIVE FEET AWAY FROM JUSTIN BIEBER!!!