This Poem About Dyslexia Written By A 10-Year-Old Is Going Viral Because It's So Inspiring

    "I am stupid..."

    Jane Broadis is an England-based teacher who loves sharing her young students' work on Twitter.

    And it's easy to see why. Her students are amazingly talented.

    But, a recent poem she shared written by one of her 10-year-old dyslexic students has been getting a lot of attention.

    Today in Y6 we looked at poems that could be read forwards & backwards. I was stunned by this one written by one of my 10 year olds. Please share - I would love her work to be appreciated further afield. I wonder if it could even find a publisher?

    The poem – which has over 175,000 likes and over 53,000 retweets – comes with a perspective-changing twist at the end:

    People called it "genius," because, well, it is.

    People saw the importance and impact of it.

    And people were telling stories about the challenges their own children faced.

    Of course, people were praising Jane for being such a wonderful teacher.

    Cheers to kids impacting people everywhere!

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Jane Broadis for comment.