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15 Things Your Parents Will Always And Forever Do At Christmas

Or maybe your grandparents. Someone in the family...

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1. Still write "from Santa" on your gifts even though you've known the truth for years.

leonaabell / Via

2. Proudly display your childhood Christmas photos.

theerealqueenb / Via

3. Show off their loot of Christmas cards.

hotelltvardraget / Via

4. Pull out EVERYTHING from the dedicated area where the Christmas decorations are stored.

janaqualey / Via

5. Save the used wrapping paper, gift bags, and tissue paper for next year.

ole_ssia / Via

6. Have a variety plate of homemade delicious treats.

jeswelch / Via

7. Or these store-bought cookies in a tin.

yumeve_llc / Via

8. Have a room (or closet) that you are not allowed in because they're "hiding" your presents in there.

herossgang / Via

9. And some of those top secret presents are usually just necessities, like socks.

bikerbobschopshop / Via

10. Have the house smelling of holiday scents, like fresh-cut Christmas trees.

buchananalli / Via

11. Play all the classic holiday songs and movies.

londonflorist1 / Via

12. Have at least one religious thing somewhere in the house.

trudymercybrown / Via

13. Maybe even display some "cute," slightly creepy Christmas figurines.

sweetiedeervintage / Via

14. Squeeze everyone in the same room for Christmas dinner.

nancymeansgrace / Via

15. Always make this face while you open your presents Christmas morning:

Well-played, Mom. Well-played.
gavinmemes / Via Instagram: @gavinmemes

Well-played, Mom. Well-played.

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