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    Anyone Who Knows A Nurse Will 110% Relate To This Post In Every Aspect

    Nurses really are the best.

    1. First things first, you've come to completely accept their footwear choice.

    2. They have no problem at all talking about any kind of bodily fluid WHILE EATING.

    3. Honestly? They truly have no filter when it comes to the human body.

    4. You can always rely on them to have extra Band-Aids, syringes, gauze, medical tape, etc. because they accidentally get carried home in their pockets.

    5. And you’ve seen firsthand how the extra syringes *do* come in handy.

    6. They’re the only person you trust to text a photo to when you get a weird rash – or any type of ailment.

    7. You’ve made them tell you their most BANANAS story that happened at work (because every nurse has one!).

    8. And while they do tell you funny stories about patients, they also follow HIPAA guidelines and don’t give any personal details.

    9. You’ve received a text at 4 in the morning while they were getting ready for work (or already at work) because they work long hours and sometimes forget about time.

    10. You’ve gone to give them a hug immediately when they got home from work and were received with a “DON’T TOUCH ME YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT GOT ON THE SCRUBS TODAY!”

    11. They offhandedly mention it whenever they see someone with GOOD veins.

    12. You’ve heard them talk about all the places where they’ve stolen naps while working the night shift.

    13. They can tell you what any type of medication is for, no matter how confusing the name is to pronounce.

    14. You know their DVR is full of medical shows, because they LIVE for watching the drama even though they experience it daily.

    15. You basically expect them to show up in scrubs if you ask them to hang out immediately after their shift.

    16. They have access to literally any medical-related thing you might need.

    17. You know that they HATE working full moon shifts because they’re CONVINCED things are way more hectic on those days.

    18. You sometimes get confused when they refer to certain things in their medical lingo.

    19. And finally, you know that they are the most hardworking, caring person you’ve ever had the honor of meeting.