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    Medical Professionals Have Witnessed These Exact Same Things Happen To People Before They Die, And No One Can Explain It

    "What I've found is that people who DO talk about death tend to have a more peaceful death," said Julie McFadden.

    Julie McFadden is a hospice nurse who has been going viral on TikTok for sharing the things she's witnessed and learned about the death and dying process throughout her career.

    Julie smiling widely in her scrubs
    Julie McFadden

    And Julie recently caught the attention of over 11 million people when she shared the two unexplainable phenomenons that often happen right before people die:

    "There's something that happens that's called the rally. This happens when someone is really sick or almost toward actively dying β€” meaning dying within a few days β€” and suddenly they look like they are 'better.' This can manifest in different ways, but a lot of times they will suddenly eat, they will talk, maybe even walk. They act like their old selves, they have a little more of a personality β€” kind of laughing, talking, joking, but usually they die within a few days after this, sometimes even that night," she said in her TikTok.

    In the second phenomenon video, Julie explains, "It usually happens about a month or so before the person dies, but they start seeing dead relatives, dead friends, old pets that have passed on, spirits, angels that are visiting them and only they can see and hear them. Sometimes it's through a dream β€” sometimes they physically see them, and they'll actually ask us, 'Do you see what I'm seeing?' They're usually not afraid, it's usually very comforting to them and they say they're sending a message, like 'we're coming to get you soon' or 'don't worry, we'll help you.' Most people love this, they are very comforted by it. It's not scary to them. But, yeah, we can't explain it, it happens all the time."

    BuzzFeed spoke to Julie to learn more. She said her experiences come from everything she's witnessed being a hospice nurse for five years and an ICU nurse for nine years.

    And the reason Julie decided to share her stories on TikTok is because she doesn't want people to be afraid of death. "I want to normalize death in general. Death is a part of life and β€” for whatever reason β€” we don’t like to talk about it. What I've found is that people who DO talk about it tend to have a more peaceful death," she said, adding, "Our bodies are built to die, and a lot of times the less we mess with that, the more peaceful the death will be."

    Not only does Julie talk about the universally unexplainable things that happen during death, but she also talks about those not-so-fun parts to help educate others and normalize the dying process. Like in the video below, where she shares the messy things our body may do before death:

    She talks about how black, brown, foamy, white, or bloody fluid can come out of noses, mouths, rectums β€” and it is usually from the person's stomach bile. She also talks about how people's eyes often water and that they sometimes get agitated easily.

    Other things Julie regularly sees are people reaching up toward the ceiling and smiling. "Several people have told me their parents have visited them to let them know they would come and get them soon," she said.

    Everything Julie has witnessed in relation to death has been comforting to her. "It's so comforting β€” and astounding. It’s really taken the fear of death away from me," she said.

    "Our bodies are intuitive. If someone truly is at the end of life, their body will start taking care of itself. It will start shutting down, it will make the patient not hungry or thirsty β€” it will have the person start sleeping more because it’s preparing itself. The more we let the patient (loved one) be the guide, the better and more peaceful the death usually is. If they are clean, if they are safe, and if they are comfortable β€” you’ve done a good job," she concluded.

    To hear more about Julie's experiences, you can follow her on TikTok and Instagram!