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14 Weird Things New Parents Learn About Their Baby

The good, the bad, and the nasty.

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1. Your baby's first few poops will look like tar.


This sticky, black stool is called meconium. Luckily, it will only last a few days after birth.

2. You will notice the soft spot on your baby's head pulsate.

TOTALLY NORMAL. It’s because the soft spot is directly over blood vessels in the brain.

3. You will also wonder why your baby doesn't have tears when they cry.

This is because their tear ducts aren't fully developed yet. They will develop within the first few months.

4. You might see thin, soft hair all over your baby.

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These hairs — called lanugo — usually disappear in utero, but some babies are born with it. Don’t worry, though. It will soon go away.

5. Your baby will actually lose weight their first week after birth.


Don't worry, they gain it back within the next few weeks.

6. Your baby's umbilical cord might not fall off for a few weeks.


But, if you keep it dry, it will fall off faster!

7. You will also notice your baby doesn't have kneecaps.


This is because a newborn baby's kneecaps are made of cartilage. In time, though, hard bone will form.

8. You can try to make your baby smile or coo, but they won't.


These responses don't happen until your baby is about six weeks. However, it is still important for you to talk to your baby because it helps their brain develop.

9. Your baby will sleep about 16 hours a day – but only in one to two hour increments.

Around six months old, babies start sleeping longer during the night. But until then, caffeine is your new best friend.

10. Your baby may have very visible veins on their head and face.


Parts of your baby's skull have not fully fused together yet, so it makes veins and arteries more visible.

11. You'll have to feed your baby every two to three hours because their stomach only holds about 1-2 teaspoons.


You can't go anywhere without a bottle or boob.

12. You'll only get a reaction from your baby when you put your face really close to theirs.


Newborns can only see around a foot or so in front of their face. Thankfully, after about a month, they will be able to focus on objects further away.

13. You may notice your baby has tons of dandruff, aka cradle cap.

This dry flakiness is common and typically goes away after the first month or so.

14. And, of course, your baby will projectile vomit/poop on you.

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Get used to it!

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