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    17 Reasons Why We Should Immediately Stop Stereotyping Mothers

    "I've been a phone sex operator since my son was 7."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us how they break the "mom" stereotype, and we've definitely got some badass moms out there! Check out what they do for fun below.

    1. "Pole fitness and dancing. Keeps me strong, keeps me creative, and keeps me sane."

    2. "My mom didn't pick me up from school in a minivan; she would hand me a helmet and take me home on her motorcycle."


    3. "My husband and I make edibles together."


    4. "I just got my septum pierced after breastfeeding three kids for 15 months each. I've only had it a couple weeks and have already had FIVE people tell me I don’t seem like the 'mom type,' or they say, 'You’re a mother, why would you do that?'"


    "It was a celebration of complete and utter body autonomy after seven years of either being pregnant or breastfeeding. It's unreal that some think tattoos and piercings somehow exempt a person from seeming like a parent!"

    Christina K

    5. "I belly dance and write books and short stories. I try to do things that allow me to not be mom for a while and find myself again."

    6. "Well, I've been a phone sex operator since my son (who's now 13) was 7, so that's something atypical. I don't really think there is a 'mom stereotype' in this generation, though."

    20th Century Fox

    –Amy Gabriel, Facebook

    7. "My mom's friend is the first woman endodontist in our county who is also opening up three other practices for fun. She takes dancing lessons, is learning to fly a plane, was a body builder, and just wrote a book about her life."

    Comedy Central

    8. "I joined a roller derby team last year and skated with the Demolition Dolls until a brain injury (not from derby!) forced me to quit. I'm still a member of the team's board, even though I can't play."

    9. "When my son was born, I was still in the Navy Reserve. So once a month, I'd have to leave for the weekend and go play Navy."


    10. "Here I am running a marathon the day after my youngest kiddo's first birthday! Running is my only break from momming."

    —Kristen Childers, Facebook

    11. "I personally love dance! Anything with movement and music. I did it for twelve years and I continue to do it."


    12. "I was recently cast as Shelby in Steel Magnolias in my hometown community theatre! I'm obviously no Julia Roberts, but I knew that it was important to me to not lose my identity as a woman and what I loved to do in the midst of motherhood."

    13. "I work and my husband stays home with my kids. He loves being home, and I love my job. Everybody's happy!"

    TV Land

    14. "I don't even cook, so there's that stereotype debunked. 😄"


    —Emily Hurley, Facebook

    15. "I'm 20; I go to school, work, and take care of my 18-month-old. Her father and I are married, and happy. Breaking all kinds of stereotypes and statistics over here."

    —Alyssa Mondelli, Facebook

    16. "I perform in The Rocky Horror Picture Show! This is a pic from our Harry Potter-themed show where I played Janet Weiss. We perform once a month, and after having my son, I still have fun doing this with my husband!"

    17. "I AM in a beer club… but overall I LOVE being a 'mom stereotype.' I spend 99% of my time cleaning, planning, cooking, reffing little people fights, and helping my husband."


    "I am gonna 'mom' it up like Carol Brady for as long as possible.😄"

    —Paizley Longino, Facebook

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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