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    Here Are The Very Best Celeb Halloween Costumes From The Past 10 Years

    Who was your favorite?

    1. Heidi Klum as Fiona from Shrek in 2018:

    Noam Galai / Getty Images

    2. LeBron James as Pennywise from It in 2017:

    3. Kat Graham as Jim Carrey from The Mask in 2018:

    Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

    4. Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum as Sally and Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas in 2017:

    5. Colton Haynes as Miss Piggy from The Muppets in 2016:

    6. Joey Fatone and Izabel Araujo as the twins from The Shining in 2018:

    Gabe Ginsberg / Getty Images

    7. Jessica Biel as hubby Justin Timberlake (who's a microphone here) from NSYNC this year:

    8. Sophie Turner as an elephant and Joe Jonas as Sansa from Game of Thrones in 2018:

    Rmcl, Ngre / Maciel / Ngre / Backgrid

    9. Demi Lovato as Selena in 2017:

    Demi Lovato / Snapchat

    10. Kourtney Kardashian as Michael Jackson and Kim Kardashian West as Madonna in 2017:

    11. Jason Derulo as the Night King from Game of Thrones:

    Michael Bezjian

    12. Stormi Webster as her mom, Kylie Jenner, at this year's Met Gala:

    13. Lady Gaga as Edward from Edward Scissorhands in 2017:

    14. Neil Patrick Harris and his family as "carnival curiosities" in 2017:

    15. Beyoncé and Blue Ivy as Barbies and Jay-Z as Ken in 2016:

    16. Katy Perry as Hillary Clinton in 2016:

    17. Mel B and Gary Madatyan as Victoria and David Beckham in 2018:

    18. Christina Milian as a Hello Kitty fanatic in 2018:

    Gumu, Javi / GAMR / 42 / BACKGRID

    19. Chrissy Teigen as Carmen Miranda and John Legend as Groucho Marx in 2017:

    20. Gabrielle Union and her daughter, Kaavia, as Isis from Bring It On in 2019:

    21. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Hulk from The Hulk in 2012:

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