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    16 Seriously Disgusting Things You Did As A Kid

    We won't tell anyone.

    1. Sticking stuff up your nose.

    rach_gets_healthy / Via

    2. Playing in the toilet.

    stevegee006 / Via

    3. Eating your pet's food.

    freespirit_85 / Via

    4. Pooping in your own bath.

    hectorious_big / Via

    5. Or just pooping straight on the floor.

    ldechane / Via

    6. Picking your nose and eating it (or wiping it on the couch).


    7. Backwashing in your drink and drinking it again.

    purecleanfitness / Via

    8. Coughing without covering your mouth.


    9. Eating Play-Doh.

    runjumpscrap / Via

    10. Farting on anyone, anywhere.

    11. Eating ketchup plain.

    amymbj / Via

    12. Not flushing the toilet...and not wiping.

    Torres / Via BuzzFeed

    13. Playing with bugs.

    highsierra4444 / Via

    14. Chewing with your mouth open.

    Warner Bros.

    15. Spitting your food out.

    bkran / Via

    16. Eating stuff off the floor.

    marikerossouw4 / Via

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