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Teachers: What's The Most Embarrassing Thing A Student Has Caught You Doing?


Being a teacher is hard. You constantly have to be on your best behavior and sometimes you have to be really strict to get your point across.

And since you work so hard to create this image of yourself as a teacher, the last thing you want is for a student to see you in an unguarded moment. But it happens!

Maybe you got caught giving yourself a cheesy pep talk before teaching a rowdy class.

Or maybe you went a little crazy AFTER teaching a rowdy class and some students walked in on you.

Perhaps you ran into a student and their family when you had a few drinks too many at a restaurant.

Maybe you took a chance on a fart during class, but you accidentally pooped your pants in front of all of your students!

We want to know the hilariously embarrassing thing your student caught you doing. Share your story via the Dropbox below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!