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    This Woman's Surprise Pregnancy Announcement To Her Brothers Took A Hilariously Gross Turn, And The Internet Cannot Get Over It

    Some things you just have to learn the hard way.

    We've seen some pretty great surprise pregnancy announcements on TikTok in the past, but a recent one by a woman named Jasmine Alaniz takes the cake.

    Jasmine posing for a photo in a crop top, ripped jeans, and a Louis Vuitton purse
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    Jasmine had her two brothers — Diego and Leomar Rodriguez — close their eyes before she gave them her positive pregnancy test. What happened next is both unfortunate and hilarious.

    In the viral video — which has over 14 million views — we see Jasmine hand her brothers the test.

    @jasmineealanizz1 /

    Diego (on the left) grabs it and can be heard saying, "What??? Is it a JUUL or something like that?"

    @jasmineealanizz1 /

    He apparently was SO convinced it was a vape pen, he went straight for a hit...

    @jasmineealanizz1 /

    ...Quickly realizing it was NOT any kind of e-cigarette.

    @jasmineealanizz1 /

    Here is the video without the music (which also went viral):


    Reply to @gonzcrazy video without the song of me telling MY brothers.#siblings #funny #fyp #viral #repost

    ♬ original sound - Jasmineealanizz

    BuzzFeed spoke to Jasmine, who never thought her brother would think the test was a smokable device. "I told both Leomar and Diego to close their eyes because I wanted them to both open their eyes at the same time and be surprised, but my brother Diego never opened his eyes."

    @jasmineealanizz1 /

    "When he put the test in his mouth, he instantly tasted the pee and spit it out. He was upset, but when we showed him the video after, it was simply a good memory to look back on and laugh at," said Jasmine.

    @jasmineealanizz1 /

    ^^ I hope they frame this photo and put it on display hehe. ^^

    This is Jasmine's second child with her partner, and the baby is due in May.

    Jasmine and her partner posing for a photo with their daughter who's holding up the ultrasound of the baby
    @jasmineealanizz / Via

    And she said her whole family got a kick out of what Diego did with the pregnancy test. We think it's safe to say Diego will always have a ~special~ bond with his new niece or nephew! Congrats on the soon-to-be member of the family!!!

    Jasmine Alaniz

    You can follow Diego here, Leomar here, and her sister Emily here.

    You can follow Jasmine on TikTok and Instagram.