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This Guy's Super-Long Thumb Has Gone Mega Viral And It's 100% Real

Jacob Pina can extend his thumb over five inches long.

Jacob Pina is an average 21-year-old with a not-so-average thumb who's been going viral on TikTok...

Photo of Jacob.

His ~extendo-thumb~ has been seen by millions of people on the platform. Here's one of his videos, which has over 5.2 million views:


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BuzzFeed spoke to Jacob, who said he discovered he could extend his thumb during his freshman year of high school. "I just dislocate my thumb, by forcing it out of its socket, to make it appear longer," he explained, adding, "My doctor says it's abnormal but can't officially link it to any known medical conditions."


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Jacob said his thumb is normally about two inches, but he can stretch it up to five-and-a-half inches!

"When I posted my first video to TikTok, I had no clue I'd get this sort of attention from it. People have mixed reactions, like disgusted, freaked out, or curious," he said.


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Either way, he's been having fun making entertaining TikTok videos, like this one:

Jacob said his thumb has never hurt or given him any pain — which is good! It's just a super unique thing he can do.

To see more of Jacob and his miraculous growing thumb, you can follow him on TikTok or Instagram.