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    15 Horribly Disgusting Things People Have Actually Witnessed Other People Do

    Like when you catch your dad scrubbing things with a used toilet brush.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share some of the grossest things they've seen people do and, well, it just confirmed that PEOPLE ARE GROSS.

    Here are 17 of the ~yuckiest~ responses we got:

    1. "We had a communal kitchen at work, but we brought our own plates and cups to use. Once a colleague used my mug, which was fine with me. But then, instead of washing it, he stood by the sink, licked around the rim of the mug, and put it in the rack to dry. I kept my mug in my desk after that."

    2. "My best friend witnessed her ex wash his dick with mouthwash every day because he said it made it feel fresh and minty."

    3. "I once had to discipline a cleaner when I was a retail manager because I found him cleaning the toilet seats with the mop he had just used to clean the entire floor of the store with – and he never once changed the water. He didn’t understand what he had done wrong."

    4. "We had a potluck at my high school and one of the dads was mixing up the dish he brought. He then took the spoon out, scraped it with his teeth, and stuck it right back IN THE DISH! He then served his dish to the students, teachers, and parents."

    5. "My stepmom caught my dad scrubbing the bathroom sink with the used TOILET BRUSH. And he honestly thought that was a sanitary way to clean it!"

    6. "I saw a guy, probably in his forties, take his shoes and socks off and clip his toenails in the middle of a training class for work.

    7. "During quarantine I was in a gas station and saw a woman put the money she was about to pay with in her mouth! She had no mask on and the cashier looked totally shocked and disgusted – I was, too."

    8. "I was waiting in a lobby area and saw this guy lick his phone twice to clean it."

    9. "One of my former roommates would cut raw chicken on the counter and then cut vegetables (or fruit) in the same spot, WITHOUT CLEANING THE COUNTER! I also never saw her wash her hands."

    10. "I worked at Starbucks and saw a mother change her baby's diaper on one of the dining tables.

    11. "I worked at a fast-food chain for a short period of time and one of my coworkers dropped a box of frozen omeletes on the ground and just scooped them back into the box to serve to people."

    12. "I worked at a bar that used the same mop for almost everything, including the toilets. So, the floors were basically cleaned with toilet water and girls would dance around with no shoes on."

    13. "I used the bathroom at a mall and this woman who worked at one of those pretzel stands didn’t wash her hands before going back to work."

    14. "I saw a woman bite her toenails off to clip them. IN PUBLIC!"

    15. "On the bus, I sat behind someone who was digging in their ears with a Q-tip, cleaning the Q-tip off with their fingers, and then putting it back into their ears repeatedly. Maybe not the worst thing ever, but I was absolutely astonished."

    And that's all I can handle for today. Please, society, do better.

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