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    13 Super Strange Dreams Lots Of People Keep Having Over And Over Again

    Apparently, there are several people who dream about toilets.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the strangest recurring dream they keep having and, it turns out, a lot of people have similar ones.


    Below are 13 of the weirdest dreams multiple people said they keep repeatedly having:

    1. A lot of people have dreams about their teeth. They either fall out or crumble.


    "In nearly every dream I have, my teeth begin to fall out. Like, I'll feel them getting loose and they'll just fall out. Sometimes one at a time. Sometimes they'll all fall out. It doesn't matter what the rest of the context of the dream is, my teeth will always fall out."


    "I keep having dreams where my teeth crumble and fall out. I wind up spitting out a mouthful of tooth pieces."


    "I always dream about throwing up mouthfuls of my own teeth! Help!"


    2. People who've never smoked before have repeated dreams about chain-smoking.

    "I have never smoked a cigarette in my life, but I have a recurring chain-smoking dream where all I do is smoke."


    "I dream that I am smoking a cigarette (have never smoked before, so it’s weird). The dream is literally just me inhaling and exhaling. When I wake up, I realize I have actually been breathing like that. I think it’s my body forcing me to engage in a deep breathing exercise."


    3. And people also dream about toilets over and over again.

    New Line Cinema

    "When my dreams feature toilets (which happens a lot), they are always filled with mucky water, dirty, unusable and not private. There are either no stalls and all toilets are in the open, or the stalls are too small to get into. They are always filthy and blocked, and there are loads of people and I’m always bursting for the loo."


    "No matter what my dream is about, I end up in service station toilets. But I can never find a clean toilet and I’m always barefoot."


    "I dream about toilets every few months. It started as a kid with a giant toilet that would eat you, very cartoon-esque. As I’ve grown up, it has molded into more of dirty bathrooms and weird situations that make peeing in public spaces very scary. "


    4. A significant amount of people dream about dinosaurs.


    "Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had a nightmare that dinosaurs are still alive and there is a T. rex after me. No matter where I am, the dream location is always where I fell asleep and I have to find a windowless room to hide."


    "I have this recurring nightmare where I am in my childhood basement hiding from a T. rex that somehow got loose in central Minnesota. I'm hiding under the blankets on my futon when I see the T. rex's foot step down and stop right in front of my window. I always wake up when I hear the raptors open the basement door."


    5. While others dream about being back in school again.

    IFC Films

    "I always dream that I am in preschool or primary school again."


    "I have a recurring dream multiple times a year that I’m back in high school and I can’t find any of my classes or my locker."


    6. And some dream that they've failed a class or didn't actually graduate.


    "I have recurring dreams where I suddenly remember that I’m enrolled in a class that I forgot to attend all semester and I freak out because I have a possible failing grade."


    "It’s been years since I graduated, but I have dreams that I didn’t actually graduate and I have to go back and finish classes. I get so much anxiety when I have that dream."


    7. There are people who keep dreaming about the Titanic.


    "For months now I keep dreaming that I'm a passenger on the Titanic. I'm in the middle class and, as the ship is sinking, I'm running through it with a man to help people escape and get to the deck. Most of the time, I'm down below the ship trying to help everyone while the water is flooding in. I find all of this so odd because I don't even watch the movie Titanic. I haven't seen the movie in years!"


    Lots of people on Twitter have said they keep dreaming about the Titanic as well.

    8. And people who dream about pregnancy — or giving birth to something other than a human — a lot.

    Warner Bros.

    "I keep having dreams where my female friends have to impregnate themselves while their partners are at war — like it’s a law. The babies always come out messed up. For example one had a baby squirrel and one had a flower."


    "When I was pregnant with my first child, I would have a recurring dream where I went into labor early and actually birthed a litter of puppies. I would take the litter of puppies to work, set them on my desk, and apologize to my coworkers for accidentally having dogs instead of a baby."


    9. People often have dreams about not being able to move.


    "Ever since I was a kid, I have this same dream where I am walking along the beach with my friends and can't move as soon as the water touches my toes. My friends continue to walk along ahead of me and I am stuck there, unable to move or scream with the tide coming in around me. It is so scary because I know I’m going to drown and no one even looks back."


    "I have a recurring dream where I have no strength in my legs and have to find things to help me walk. Sometimes I'm doing a task, sometimes I'm trying to get away from something, and sometimes I'm trying to run or walk to something I love."


    "I have dreams where my legs give out and I can't walk or run — it is always a different setting, but the same dream."


    10. And people have dreams that the lights go out or they can't see.


    "I have recurring dreams about lights not working. Like, I’ll walk into a room and flip the light switch, but the lights won’t turn on. There’s always an intense feeling of dread, like something is watching me from the dark. I usually wake up feeling panicked and it takes awhile to shake off the fear."


    "I always have a dream where I think all of the lights are off, but then I realize I can't see. Everything is pitch black."

    Krista Torres

    11. Some people dream about the royal family quite a bit.

    Fox TV

    "I keep having this dream where I am Prince Harry and I'm at an event at Buckingham Palace with Prince Charles."


    "There's a dream I keep having where I'm having lunch with the Queen of England.'"


    12. There are a great deal of people who have dreams about tornadoes or airplane crashes.

    ABC Family

    "I've been seeing tornadoes or airplane crashes almost every day in my dreams for six or seven years. I'm at the sight of the plane crash and see the rubble and the injured or dead people. I've never had an explanation for these."


    People on Twitter have also said they keep dreaming about tornadoes or airplane crashes.

    13. And there are a large amount of people who have odd dreams about driving in cars.

    New Line Cinema

    "I have this dream where I'm sitting in the back seat of a car and all of a sudden I realize no one is driving. I climb over the seats to try to get to the wheel, but don’t ever get to it. I’ve had this dream for years — even before I could drive."


    "I have a recurring dream where I'm driving a car while being chased by another car and I always crash."


    "I keep having a dream where the steering wheel and pedals are in the back of the car and I’m trying to see around the front seat to drive."


    So are you a dream expert?! Can you interpret these dreams for us?!

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    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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