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Someone Asked Chrissy Teigen If It Was Necessary For Her Son To Have A Gucci Tracksuit And I'm Cackling At Her Snarky Response

It's 2020, why is mom-shaming still a thing?

Chrissy Teigen is always giving us an honest glimpse into her life as a mommy.

And she and John are family goals with their adorable kids, Luna and Miles.

Well, yesterday she gave us an ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS update on her son Miles, who is now 20 months:

He loves cars! 🥰 He loves basketball! 🥰 He loves Luna! 🥰

And like, it's no secret Chrissy and John have money. So it's also not surprising that Miles was wearing a Gucci tracksuit in the pic:

Don't even pretend that you wouldn't love to have that outfit for yourself.

Anyway, people loved the update.

@chrissyteigen OH BEAUTIFUL MILES!!! I love dinosaurs too ❤️❤️ and could not be happier about this update (I’ll bet Luna is too)! #WeAreTheDinosaurs #CutestUpdate #PebblePillows #Roar

Some even shared their own HILARIOUS experiences with trimming nails. (If you missed it, the pic shows that Miles hates getting his nails cut. Plz watch the video, you won't regret it.)

@chrissyteigen Hard same on nail trimming, Miles.

Oh, and most people couldn't help but point out how much Miles resembles John.

@chrissyteigen Omg. He looks like John with the Snapchat baby filter

Anyway, there's always one sad soul who can't seem to just be happy for others. Exhibit A:

@chrissyteigen Was it necessary for you to buy your son a Gucci track suit?

My face reading that comment knowing it's her son and her choice to dress him in designer clothes if she wants:

But don't worry. Chrissy has tons of experience when dealing with trolls. So she responded accordingly.


John + Chrissy, humbly declining praise for being some of the best parents ever!