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    9 Teachers Who Deserve Recognition For The Creative Ways They Are Keeping Their Classrooms Safe This Year

    A beach-themed classroom for the win!

    In some parts of the country, kids have gone back to school IRL during this pandemic. And, to be frank, the situation is far from ideal...

    My district provided “socially distanced” desk. 😒😒 Y’all...

    Twitter: @Deh_Bone_Air

    However, some teachers are coming up with brilliant ways to make social distancing seem more fun:

    1. Like this teacher who turned her kids' desks into little jeeps:

    2. This teacher who created cardboard high fives so that she could still let her kids know how well they were doing from a distance:

    3. And this same teacher who lets her students play telephone with cans to communicate in a safe way:

    4. This teacher's crafty husband who made a fun, hands-free sanitizer station so that her kids don't have to touch the pump:

    Stephanie Deal /

    5. This teacher who created a beach theme with the desk dividers:

    Crafty Morning /

    6. And this teacher who added positive and encouraging quotes to each desk divider:

    7. This teacher who taped colorful squares on the floor so that it's easy for her kids to know what a safe distance is:

    Very excited to say that my classroom is officially ready for kindergarten🥰⭐️ #unitedwebuild #LovemyLISD

    Twitter: @SGlawe

    8. This teacher who made individualized desk stations so each kid can have their own, personal supplies instead of sharing classroom supplies:

    Facebook: teachersbrain

    9. And this teacher who is teaching virtually but still came up with a clever way to help her students have fun in class even though they can't be there physically:

    Nothing sadder to a teacher than an empty classroom but I’m determined to not be lonely this year! After virtually talking to some new students they picked their desk. One student said Daddy look I’m the sloth desk❤️. FES Falcons are ready to SOAR!

    Twitter: @SmartReaders4

    Let's give it up for the teachers who are going the extra mile so that kids can feel some sense of normalcy and fun right now!