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This A-Cup Hooters Worker Has Gone Viral On TikTok For Looking Like She's A D-Cup And People Are ✍️

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Twenty-two-year-old Kirsten Songer recently graduated magna cum laude from the University of South Carolina and is starting medical school next year.

Kirsten also works at Hooters — and she's been going viral on TikTok for how she can make her A-cup breasts look way bigger than they are:

And she graced us all with some tutorials showing how she achieves her big bosom look:


Answer to @becky_rodzc this tutorial was definitely more rushed than my last one bc I’m late for work but hopefully y’all find this helpful! #hooters

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She uses a really padded bra from Amazon, then places sticky boobs inside her bra. She finishes off with some dark contour around her boobs to make them appear larger. (Here's a tutorial on how to contour your boobs if you've never done it before!)

Kirsten said that when she applied to Hooters, she was worried her chest wasn’t big enough. "I honestly didn’t think they would hire me — I was lacking the one thing that makes the brand. Going into my interview, everyone told me to wear two bras, but I went in completely myself. I did not use any of the tricks seen in my videos, but I did wear a loose sweater to kind of hide my chest," she explained.

"A lot of people like to call me insecure for making my boobs look bigger. I want people to know that I don’t do this because I am unhappy with my chest or my appearance; I don’t use this outside of work. I do this solely to help my tips and help cater to my audience. I am transparent about it on TikTok — it’s not like I am trying to fool everyone," she said.

For the record, no one should have to explain themselves if they do want to make their boobs look bigger (or smaller!) — for work or not. It's your body; do what makes you happy!

And anyone considering a job at a ~breastaurant~ should apply — no matter their chest size, according to Kirsten, who said, "It truly has been one of my best decisions in college."

An image of a comment from TikTok that says, "So you're telling me I can work at Hooter's even though I have an A cup"

Cheers to Kirsten for finding a place she loves to work at, for finding a boob hack along the way, and for being able to pay off her college debt quicker because of it! You can follow her on TikTok and Instagram.