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Women Are Agreeing That This Is The One True Way To Tell If The Guy You're Seeing Has A Girlfriend

Woman-to-woman tip.

In the past, we've known that many men live very differently from their partners — aka in filth:

A screenshot of the title of a previous BuzzFeed post saying that girlfriends shared photos of their pristine homes compared to their boyfriends living in filth

This is why it hasn't taken long for women to realize that the easiest way to tell if the guy they're seeing has a girlfriend is to take a quick peek in his bathroom..

A nice and sweet-smelling shower gel labeled in the photo as "sus"

So, that's exactly what a woman named Suhey Lee did. Over 3.4 million people became invested in a TikTok where she found some very suspicious items in the shower of a guy she was seeing...

She found what appears to be a "his" and "hers" razor, along with Pantene shampoo, Head and Shoulders 2-in-1, and some vanilla bean body scrub.

Now, Suhey did say this man has a sister, but his sister lived out of town, so she was not convinced the toiletries were hers.

There was also a lovely lavender spray on the toilet — which could be a basic item for any bathroom — but when Suhey complimented it after she left the bathroom, the guy didn't even know what spray she was talking about. 💀

If you're not convinced this man has a girlfriend yet, maybe Head and Shoulders and Pantene can help persuade you.

Head and Shoulders commenting that their shampoo is not a red flag, and Pantene saying to take their shampoo with her when she leaves the man

Or the other men in the comments who agreed he definitely has a girlfriend.

A man saying he uses the scrubs and air fresheners, but that the women's Venus razor is the giveaway he definitely has a girlfriend

Even sisters confirmed that they would never leave items, like their razors, in their brother's bathroom.

(Especially if they lived out of town.)

Anyway, women everywhere were taking notes on the little bathroom dating tip.

BuzzFeed spoke to Suhey, who said she had been seeing this guy almost every week but started noticing that he would turn his phone face down and place it on “Do Not Disturb” mode. So, after getting the idea from another woman on TikTok, Suhey glanced in his shower to see if there was evidence of another woman.

And you know what happened from there.

Suhey has since ended things with this man. "Don't be afraid to poke at things if your intuition is telling you something is fishy," she said.

...So if you do sense something fishy, ladies, HEAD TO THAT MAN'S BATHROOM AND INVESTIGATE! (But also don't jump to conclusions without talking to him first!!!)