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    Short People Are Doing This Trend To See What They Look Like From Their Tall Partner's Perspective, And It's Pretty Funny

    Hello up there!

    Austin and Chastin Scott recently saw a trend going around TikTok that was supposed to show what short people looked like from a tall person's perspective, so they decided to give it a try:

    BuzzFeed spoke to the married couple, who said Austin is 6'5" and Chastin is 5'4". Basically, all you do is mark where the top of your partner's head is on a wall, put your phone there, and record looking down from that height. Although the pair thinks this experiment may be a little more accurate if you held the phone at eye level, Austin confirmed that it's still a pretty good representation of how he sees his wife.

    Photo of Chastin from Austin's perspective.

    After their video went viral with over a million views, tons of other people started using their sound and trying the trend out with their tall partners:

    Photo of woman from her husband's perspective.

    This couple — who is a foot apart — did it:

    Photo of a woman looking up at her partner.

    All of the videos are pretty funny to see:

    Woman laughing as she looks up at her husband.

    Everyone kind of looks like a shrunken version of themselves:

    Woman who is surprised at how she looks to her partner.

    I'm especially loving this guy who is wearing a backpack, which kind of makes him look like a little kid:

    Man looking up at his partner with backpack.

    It's just really weird to see yourself from a different person's perspective:

    Woman sweetly look up at the camera from her husband's perspective.


    Woman saying no wonder her husband doesn't take her seriously.

    Either way, it's comical to watch, and apparently it's somewhat accurate!

    Woman looking up with hands out.

    Now, I know you're all dying to try this with all the tall people in your go on, do it!