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Anonymously Ask The Secret Questions You Have About Gender Affirmations Here

The questions can be 100% anonymous if you want!

Getting a gender affirmation is all about being happy as the truest form of yourself β€” and we celebrate that!

But we also know that it can be a complex process β€” and lots of people may have questions about it before considering gender confirmation procedures of any kind.

Maybe you want to know how the process is done surgically β€” whether that be male to female or vice versa.

stock photo of surgeon
Paul Harizan / Getty Images

And maybe you also want to know if that process will change your sensation.

stock photo of doctor talking to a patient
The Good Brigade / Getty Images

Perhaps you just want to know what kinds of medications and side effects to expect.

stock photo of pills
Olena Ruban / Getty Images

Or maybe you just want information about the overall safety of the whole process.


Whatever questions you have β€” nothing is off-limits or too personal β€” we want to give you the answers straight from a qualified expert! Ask your questions below, or submit them in this ANONYMOUS FORM, and our expert may answer your questions in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

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