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    This Guy Asked Women To Share The Sex Acts Men Should Immediately Stop Doing, And Here Are The Ones Women Are Collectively Agreeing On

    Dear men, stop chewing our nipples.

    Samuel Otigba is a brand/business strategist, a senior product developer, a social entrepreneur, and a super connector who nurtures business relationships and more.

    And last week, after having a discussion with his wife, Dr. Bisola Shoyinka Otigba, about general sexual preferences, he thought he would get more insights from Twitter by asking women what things men should stop doing during sex:

    Ladies: what are the sexual acts you think men should stop during sex? Honest feedback.

    Twitter: @SamuelOtigba

    Women filled the comment section with their answers, like how it's unnecessary to ask women if they came.

    @SamuelOtigba Don’t ever ask “did you cum? how many times did you cum?” Kos I’m tired of lieing and saying 4times

    Twitter: @GiGi_Korj

    Stop chewing nipples...

    @SamuelOtigba Nipples are meant to be sucked not chewed like shaki. Its more pleasurable when sucked with the areola

    Twitter: @MaverickThamani

    ...and biting them. Oh, and TRIM YOUR NAILS. (Also, please make sure your hands are clean.)

    @SamuelOtigba Please don’t bite my nipples, I hate going through unnecessary pain. Trim your nails please and don’t finger as if nde mnuo are after your life. I know my daddy and I won’t scream unless you thrust well. My response will be equivalent to your effort.

    Twitter: @isayitasitis_

    Learn how to be gentle with the clit.

    @SamuelOtigba Play with the clit gently.. not sandpaper it. You are not a carpenter.

    Twitter: @Temi__w

    Listen to the woman and stop rough-housing her because you think that's what she wants.

    @SamuelOtigba Let the lady guide you. Not when she’s trying to turn or adjust, you pin her down like it’s WWE.

    Twitter: @Oge_chukwu_

    Remember that every person is different, so ask them what they like!

    @Oge_chukwu_ @SamuelOtigba You can’t fuck every woman the same way, different strokes for different folks, and don’t forget to go down on her clit between strokes…

    Twitter: @aham_ike

    Stop skipping foreplay.

    @SamuelOtigba Engage in more foreplay cos that's where the real deal is, not when you feel the urge to penetrate, you do it, not wanting to know if we are ready for the action

    Twitter: @the_ijay

    A lot of women do NOT like cum on them.

    @SamuelOtigba Please dont cum on my body or let it touch my body. Its so irritating. 😭🙏🏿 please don't this nonsense 😭😭

    Twitter: @beeola_

    And many do not like it when men use spit for lube.

    @SamuelOtigba Pls and pls don't use spit to lubricate my pussy before u dive in... If u notice I'm not wet enough, make me feel interested and wet or just don't bother Biko.

    Twitter: @rayemicool

    Stop just ejaculating when you want to. Wait for her.

    @SamuelOtigba Proceeding to ejaculate without mutual consent. What happened to “ladies first?”

    Twitter: @KIRAAH_

    For the love of god, STOP USING YOUR TEETH.

    @SamuelOtigba Unless you’re biting my neck, keep your teeth away from me.

    Twitter: @AvrilAmaka

    Spend time with them after the deed.

    @SamuelOtigba After the whole show, ask if we like it, not rushing to the bathroom and jumping back on the bed, facing the wall. What happened to we taking that shower together and we get some cuddles and sleep if we ain't wanting to go again?

    Twitter: @the_ijay

    Maintain the same speed when she's about to orgasm.

    @SamuelOtigba Resist the urge to increase your speed when she’s close to climaxing, just maintain the same frequency.

    Twitter: @Too_mishe

    And, finally, don't finger her if she's not wet!

    @SamuelOtigba If she’s not wet..don’t finger her !!!!! Only if you’re trying to pull out her intestines which only makes sense if you’re a vampire🌚🌚

    Twitter: @_hesthar

    OK, BuzzFeed readers who are women: What's missing from this list? Tell us in the comments!