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    This Girl's Sandwich Analogy About Sharing Nude Photos Is Going Massively Viral

    Remember, kids. Only assholes share other peoples' sandwiches...and their nude photos.

    The following video using a sandwich as an analogy for leaking someone else's nude pics has gone super viral on TikTok, with over 5 million views:


    Maybe they’ll understand this one

    ♬ original sound - Meg💫

    In the video, 17-year-old Meg Groff plays two different characters. One asks the other for a bite of their sandwich and is graciously given a bite. However, after the person takes the bite, they offer it to other people without asking the person who the sandwich belongs to.

    Meg holding a sandwich with a couple bites taken out of it

    The person who took the bite says, "You were OK with me having a bite, so why can't they have a bite?" To which the sandwich owner replies, "Because I don't know them and I didn't give them permission." The other person says, "But you handed me the sandwich, so I should be able to do with it what I want." Again, the sandwich owner defends herself saying, "Well, yeah, but when I handed you the sandwich I was under the impression that just you would have a bite, not this total stranger." The sandwich thief then says, "OK, well if you didn't want other people to have a bite, then you shouldn't have handed me the sandwich."

    The analogy perfectly explains why leaking someone else's nude photos is wrong in the most basic way — for those who still don't understand.

    BuzzFeed spoke to Meg, who said the issue of revenge porn plagues her generation. "I've noticed that when it happens, we spend more time shaming the victim for sending the images in the first place than we do holding the receiver accountable for sharing something that wasn't theirs to share. It's all about consent and privacy," she said, adding, "To put it plain and simple, I'm tired of peoples' bodies being used against them."

    Meg randomly came up with the sandwich analogy one day when she was driving home from Starbucks. "I find that to make a big topic — like consent — easy to discuss, using everyday objects and situations makes it easier to grasp," she said.

    A roast beef sandwich with cheese, lettuce, and tomato

    "I believe people of all genders and backgrounds should have the right to express their sexuality without fear of being victimized as a result of someone else's lack of basic respect for their boundaries. This issue of victim blaming spans far past the issues of revenge porn, yet people still can't seem to grasp why it's wrong. We spend more time teaching people how to not be victims than we spend teaching people why it's wrong to be the perpetrator," Meg said.


    Maybe they’ll understand this one

    ♬ original sound - Meg💫

    She added, "My video was shown from the perspective of a woman being the victim of an incident like this simply because I have noticed a pattern of women in particular being shamed for expressing themselves as sexual beings. But, the bigger message I'm trying to send is applicable to all genders. Revenge porn or using someone else's body against them is never OK."

    Lastly, Meg said she has a message to parents: "Start spending less time teaching your children how not to be victims and instead direct that energy towards explaining to them why it's wrong to be the perpetrator. The world is a scary place full of horrible people, but it's important to remember that your kids are setting the stage for the safety of future generations."

    Well said, Meg. You can follow her on Instgram and TikTok.