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19 Reasons Why You Should Immediately Replace Your Weights With Small Children

Working out has never made more sense.

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1. I mean, obviously, they increase your flexibility.

If I can do it under these circumstances then you can too! #workingoutwithkids #getupofyourarse #noexcuses

2. And they totally intensify your workout.

code_name_dad / Via

3. They allow you to workout way more muscles than any work bench can.

How to make a plank more challenging... #workingoutwithkids

4. And they increase your stamina for sure.

franmcgrory / Via

5. They tell you jokes to entertain you during your workout.

Instagram: @sflorafitness

6. They help create much better "workout" selfies.

amybensonmay / Via

7. And if you have more than one kid, the benefits are endless.

8. I mean, look, this dad is getting a way better workout than you ever will.

Instagram: @rotordad

9. You can virtually workout anywhere.

Instagram: @trishahp

10. Like, really, you don't even need to leave your bedroom.

leighanne_luckinbill / Via

11. You can get really creative with the different types of workouts, too.

Instagram: @letish75

12. They appreciate you and, in turn, you will appreciate them.

Instagram: @danimaaal

13. They will watch you closer and work you harder than any trainer.

busyfitmomz / Via

14. They provide that positive attitude you need for a good workout.

Instagram: @meagan

15. They really give you a good leg workout with airplane rides.

Instagram: @cefevens

16. And they add just the right amount of weight to amp up your pushups.

17. They really beef up your triceps.

Instagram: @maurere87

19. So, go ahead and trade those weights in for some kids. Or, just be a complete savage and use both.

jungleboystraining / Via


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