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    14 Reasons Why You'll Want To Get Pregnant ASAFP

    It's a piece of cake really.

    1. You're only so exhausted you can't function.

    Functioning as if you just got hit by a bus is actually pleasant.

    2. You're only throwing up nearly every morning during the first few months of your pregnancy.


    I mean, you squeeze that in before brushing your teeth and you're golden.

    3. You're only giving up caffeine and alcohol and certain meats.


    It's not like you're addicted to those things anyway.

    4. You're only actually capable of fitting in stretchy pants.

    wildakhairiie / Via

    And you get to buy clothes that are DOUBLE the size you normally wear.

    5. You're only having to pee every five minutes.

    TV Land

    Peeing all day, it's super fun.

    6. You're only sore everywhere on your body.

    claireleahava85 / Via

    It's pretty much the BEST challenge ever.

    7. You're only opening your legs to literally any medical professional ever.

    Comic Con

    STAHHHP. It's NBD.

    8. You're only eating ice and Tums daily.

    jill_lindsie / Via ladyb33

    Why would you want to eat anything else?

    9. You're only dealing with swollen feet and ankles.

    kimkardashian / Via

    Beauty is pain, duh.

    10. You're only getting poked with needles like every other week.

    ladyb33 / Via

    Giving blood and peeing in cups β€” OMG, like, so therapeutic.

    11. You're only being kicked in the ribs constantly.

    sylvia_fully / Via

    Don't worry! You can still sort of breathe.

    12. You're only having to sleep in one solitary position each night.


    Ah, this one position on the recliner is really all you need.

    13. You're only having to put shoes on and shave over a giant belly.


    It's as easy as the bend and snap, peeps!

    14. And you're only having the most god-awful, motherfucking contractions about every few minutes right before giving birth.

    20th Century Fox

    Easy peasy.

    See? Pregnancy is a piece of cake, people.πŸ˜‰


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