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    17 Dollar Store Finds That Will Make You Shake Your Head With Confusion

    Almost anything is worth a dollar.

    1. A Crayola crayon with a very well thought out name.

    2. A Santa Claus head with no body.

    3. An actual one dollar ribeye steak.

    4. These snails in a can.

    5. This chocolate-scented poop emoji body wash.

    6. These "crayons."

    7. These toe socks...for only the big toe.

    8. This "MSG" seasoning.

    9. These hair extensions.

    10. These DIY drug tests.

    11. This vacuum-sealed corn on the cob.

    12. This peppermint-flavored water.

    13. This actual dirty old man cane that makes cat-calling noises.

    14. These decorative garden lights.

    15. This scented duck tape.

    16. This Dr. Pepper licorice.

    17. And this knock-off Pepto-Bismol.