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    17 Dollar Store Finds That Will Make You Shake Your Head With Confusion

    Almost anything is worth a dollar.

    1. A Crayola crayon with a very well thought out name.

    mummymcmumface / Via Instagram: @mummymcmumface

    2. A Santa Claus head with no body.

    wcoley / Via

    3. An actual one dollar ribeye steak.

    mrgrasso / Via Instagram: @mrgrasso

    4. These snails in a can.

    paulina_de_cenizas / Via

    5. This chocolate-scented poop emoji body wash.

    rudecorndog / Via Instagram: @rudecorndog

    6. These "crayons."

    therealhousewifeofseattle / Via Instagram: @therealhousewifeofseattle

    7. These toe socks...for only the big toe.

    ctubb661 / Via

    8. This "MSG" seasoning.

    megohsofab / Via Instagram: @megohsofab

    9. These hair extensions.

    quiltedhorse / Via Instagram: @quiltedhorse

    10. These DIY drug tests.

    schlossenmazzen / Via

    11. This vacuum-sealed corn on the cob.

    _species_5618 / Via

    12. This peppermint-flavored water.

    owlloglady / Via Instagram: @owlloglady

    13. This actual dirty old man cane that makes cat-calling noises.

    miss_doris / Via

    14. These decorative garden lights.

    miceli_mouse / Via Instagram: @miceli_mouse

    15. This scented duck tape.

    refinementza / Via Instagram: @refinementza

    16. This Dr. Pepper licorice.

    _____shannonigans / Via Instagram: @____shannonigans

    17. And this knock-off Pepto-Bismol.

    king_bismuth / Via Instagram: @king_bismuth

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