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    15 Questionable Children's Books You Won't Believe Actually Exist

    Invisible Dick.

    1. Here's a gift you'll definitely want to give to gramps.

    Illbehave / Via

    See who really cares here.

    2. This one really gets you hooked.

    kborruso31 / Via Instagram: @kborruso31

    Learn how to cope here.

    3. And maybe some can relate to this one as well.

    Twitter: @search

    This children's novel was published in 1926. Sorry, but you would likely only run into this gem at the library.

    4. This is the perfect book to read to your child at the zoo.

    urbrarian / Via

    See if he actually eats a kid here.

    5. This book seems like a real downer.

    See why sissy takes drugs here.

    6. Instill the fear in your kids with this one.

    Get this one for the kids here.

    7. You'll really want to know how this one ends.

    Read more about munching here.

    8. Here's one that will definitely strengthen your beliefs.

    Twitter: @search

    See what happens here.

    9. Can't make it to the circus? That's okay, you can just read about it in this book.

    Watch Little Monkey pee here.

    10. Here's an interesting one.

    http://jenny.e.meyers / Via

    Go ahead, put your finger in the hole. Get it here.

    11. If you've always been curious, here's your chance to find out.

    ashleytothepashley / Via

    Find out how he did here.

    12. Learn all you need to know about daddy in this book.

    paul_is_probably_not_dead / Via

    Get your own "Super Chubby" here.

    In case you missed it.

    paul_is_probably_not_dead / Via

    Pretty strange name for a children's book series, eh?

    13. A strictly educational book.

    tayandjessie / Via Instagram: @tayandjessie

    Read about this tale here.

    14. Finally a book that really pushes your curiosity.

    jordanstone75 / Via Instagram: @jordanstone75

    Find out all about touching here.

    15. And a book that explains where those nose pickers really came from.

    alisonnotalice / Via

    Travel through the pages here.

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