Quarantined Italians Who Didn't Take The Coronavirus Seriously Made Videos They Wish They Could've Given Themselves 10 Days Ago

    Stay home...you're not the only person in the world.

    As of right now, places like the US, England, France, Spain, and Germany are said to be roughly 10 days behind Italy in the progression of the coronavirus.

    So yesterday, A Thing By shared a YouTube video of quarantined people in Italy giving messages they wished they could have sent to themselves 10 days ago:

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    Right away, people started admitting that they didn't take the coronavirus seriously.

    And that they never would have imagined it would escalate in the way that it did.

    Now, in quarantine, they have the reality check of a lifetime.

    They talked about how they thought the face masks were silly.

    And how they continued to go out when they should have stayed home.

    They talked about how overcrowded hospitals are now...

    ...and how many people have died because of the virus.

    They urged the importance of staying home.

    And talked about seeing the positives in doing so...

    ...because we're all in this together.

    So, stay home.

    You're not the only person in the world.