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People Are Pointing Out Privileges They Have That Most People Don't Consider Privileges, And It's Super Humbling

"Having a bed."

Reddit user u/Woo_loo recently asked, "What's a privilege that most people don't realize is a privilege?" The responses are very humbling:

"Having a family that loves you. I grew up in a pretty loving family. It was somewhat dysfunctional, but my mother loves me, as does my sister and grandparents. We were always a close family and we helped each other when possible. We were always supportive, too."

"Being in countries where you are able to speak insults to others, openly criticize others, and question authority without going to jail."

"The ability to have clean drinking water, heated water, heat/AC inside, electricity, and food 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year."

"Having a bed. Between the ages of 8 and 10, my siblings and I had to sleep on the floor because we lived in a tiny, one-bedroom apartment. The only bed belonged to my grandfather (a 70-year-old man), and the couch went to my mother (a woman with severe back problems). The rest of us had to sleep on blankets and pillows."

"Being able to walk alone, especially at night, without any worry at all."

"Having affordable healthcare."

"Growing up with two stable parents in the home."

"Being right handed. Life is so difficult for lefties."

"Being a native English speaker."


"Driving" and "owning a vehicle."

"Being able to choose who governs you. Most humans who have ever been alive have not had a say in the matter. A larger portion of currently living humans have that privilege than at any point in human history."

"The ability to be 'zero waste.' For example, if you have a medical condition that requires a lot of medication, or many medical procedures in general, you have to use tons of plastic and other disposable materials all the time. People who choose to be zero waste don't realize that it can't be a choice for some."

And, lastly, "being able to go to a store without worrying if your wheelchair can fit through the aisles of if they have front steps."

While privilege may look different for everyone, this is definitely a good perspective to have! Do you have any that this list didn't cover? Let us know.