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    New Emojis Intended To Be More Diverse And Gender-Inclusive Are Being Rolled Out This Year β€” Here's What They Are

    A handshake between different skin tones? Yes, please!



    ...And these new emojis are more gender-inclusive and diverse! In honor of World Emoji Day this Saturday, July 17, Unicode Consortium β€” the nonprofit company that develops, maintains, and promotes the code and descriptions for emojis developed by Apple and Google β€” released a set of emoji drafts that are in the works:

    πŸ₯³ For #WorldEmojiDay which draft emoji candidate are you most looking forward to? πŸ—³οΈ Vote now:

    Twitter: @Emojipedia

    Over the years, emojis have become more diverse, and this year they are rolling out more gender-inclusive options β€” like transgender and non-binary pregnancies:

    We will also see some much-needed skin-tone diversity when it comes to certain emoji gestures, like the handshake:

    And, of course, there are new standard face emojis coming, like this melting face that I'm personally quite fond of:

    There's also a hiding face and a salute:

    Alongside the prince and princess emojis, there will be a gender-neutral person wearing a crown, which is pretty cool!

    Other new but random emojis coming this year include an X-ray and an ID:

    The exact date for when these new emojis will be available has yet to be announced, but we do know the draft icons go through a comment process before they are approved for use in September of each year. After that, it is up to the device manufacturers to decide when/if they want to make the emojis available to users.


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