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    16 Birthday Parties That Were So Good, They Immediately Went Viral

    Adele wins birthdays forever.

    1. When this kid had his birthday party at Target.

    2. And when this little girl had a CVS-themed birthday party.

    3. When Adele had a Titanic-themed 30th birthday party.

    4. When no one showed up to this autistic boy's birthday, so children, parents, firefighters, and police from the area gave him the best birthday ever.

    5. When Andrew Garfield celebrated his birthday by getting high with Emma Stone at Disneyland.

    6. When BuzzFeed employee Loryn Brantz walked around New York City in a bikini for her birthday.

    7. When this little girl used the horror movie The Nun as the theme for her birthday party.

    So it was my cousins 3rd birthday and instead of having a normal theme she chose this

    In 2019, for little Lucia's third birthday party, she had her heart set on showcasing a horror movie that she insisted on watching: The Nun. Even her friends dressed up in creepy makeup for the occasion.

    8. When this toddler who was obsessed with a local injury lawyer got to celebrate his birthday with the lawyer's face plastered everywhere.

    9. When Kylie Jenner's turned 21 and had the most bougie pink birthday party ever — complete with a pink disco dress.

    10. When a mom turned a photo of her hungover daughter into an epic centerpiece cake for her 18th birthday.

    11. When Miley Cyrus threw Liam Hemsworth a weed-themed birthday party.

    12. When a dying mom threw her baby daughter the most magical Alice in Wonderland–themed birthday tea party.

    13. When Kylie Jenner threw a gas station-themed birthday party for Travis Scott.

    14. When a husband surprised his wife with a detailed Harry Potter birthday party.

    15. When a 6-year-old had a legit Drake-themed birthday party.

    16. And when Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott threw their daughter Stormi a memorable first birthday party.