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    If You Hate Using Plastic Wrap, You've Probably Been Doing It Wrong — Watch This

    Oh, look. More things I was never taught.

    Hi, I'm an avid foil user because plastic wrap has always been a pain in the a$$ for me to handle. It sticks together and just isn't as user-friendly, IMO!

    However, as I was endlessly scrolling TikTok, I came across this lady who just learned you're supposed to store plastic wrap in the freezer:

    In the video, user @officialtiktoknurse shares how her mind was blown after her aunt taught her that putting plastic wrap in the freezer makes it easier to manage.

    It turns out, this "hack" is old news, but judging by the 2 million people who viewed it, I'd say it's definitely NOT widely known — I've never seen anyone do it.

    Now, would I ever recommend something to you without trying it first to make sure it's legit? Of course not. So, I grabbed my plastic wrap — which has been untouched in my kitchen drawer for years. Not surprisingly, it was just as annoying to pull off the roll as the last time I had used it.

    I had nothing to lose, so I threw it in the freezer:

    The next day, I tried the frozen plastic wrap and IT WORKED! It was super easy to pull off and tightly stuck to a bowl. 👍

    Go forth and share this knowledge! Cheers to keeping your food more fresh in the near future.