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    If You Hate Using Plastic Wrap, You've Probably Been Doing It Wrong — Watch This

    Oh, look. More things I was never taught.

    Hi, I'm an avid foil user because plastic wrap has always been a pain in the a$$ for me to handle. It sticks together and just isn't as user-friendly, IMO!


    However, as I was endlessly scrolling TikTok, I came across this lady who just learned you're supposed to store plastic wrap in the freezer:


    BRUH. DO IT ITS LIFE CHANGING🔥🔥🔥 #WeekendVibes #todayyearsold #learnontiktok #nursesoftiktok #foryou #lifehacks #lifetips #momsoftiktok #mindblown

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    In the video, user @officialtiktoknurse shares how her mind was blown after her aunt taught her that putting plastic wrap in the freezer makes it easier to manage.

    @officialtiktoknurse /

    It turns out, this "hack" is old news, but judging by the 2 million people who viewed it, I'd say it's definitely NOT widely known — I've never seen anyone do it.

    @officialtiktoknurse /

    Now, would I ever recommend something to you without trying it first to make sure it's legit? Of course not. So, I grabbed my plastic wrap — which has been untouched in my kitchen drawer for years. Not surprisingly, it was just as annoying to pull off the roll as the last time I had used it.

    Krista Torres

    I had nothing to lose, so I threw it in the freezer:

    Krista Torres

    The next day, I tried the frozen plastic wrap and IT WORKED! It was super easy to pull off and tightly stuck to a bowl. 👍

    Krista Torres

    Go forth and share this knowledge! Cheers to keeping your food more fresh in the near future.