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    People Who Have Pierced Their Private Parts Are Revealing The Secret Things Most People Don't Know About Having One

    "If I wore the right pants it would cause pleasure while walking around."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the secret things most people don't know about getting their private areas pierced. Here's what they had to say...

    1. "The one thing nobody ever tells you about nipple piercings is they can conduct the cold. In the dead of winter, my nipples burn when I’m outside because the metal takes on the temperature of my surroundings."

    2. "You have to have the right anatomy. I tried getting my clitoral hood done, but was told I have a 'Barbie vagina' — meaning I don't have enough extra skin to pierce safely. My nipple piercings, though, have given me so much confidence — I love them. The downside is they get caught on everything."

    3. "My ex had his penis pierced at the tip. He has to forever pee sitting because he no longer has a just a stream, it kinda just sprays everywhere."

    4. "I had my nipples pierced. Not gonna lie, it hurt like a bitch. However, the piercer said that since I was getting both nipples pierced, I should pierce my non-dominant side first because you feel the second piercing way more than the first and your dominant side can handle more pain."

    5. "My clit/hood piercing is the most amazing thing I've ever done. I used to take forever to have an orgasm. Now I can have one in seconds!! Besides me loving the piercing itself, it has drastically changed sex in the best way possible for me. It hurt way less than any other piercing I had, especially the nipples. Get one!!"

    6. "I decided to get a Prince Albert (a piercing through the skin at the tip of the penis) during my college years and followed it up with a Guiche (a piercing through the perineum, which is the small patch of skin between the genitals and anus) after graduation. The Prince Albert healed insanely fast and has received mostly positive reviews from the ladies. On the other hand, the Guiche forced me to waddle around to avoid it pinching between my ass cheeks."

    7. "My husband has a Prince Albert. I think it looks fancy and gives me more things to play with when going down on him. On the other hand, I actually had to build up a bit of a callous down there to get used to it. I went through a period of it rubbing me kinda raw. It was painful for a couple of months, but now I don't notice it."

    8. "I had my hood and labia ladders pierced...three on each side. I called them my 'braces.' It was fun to tell partners she was gonna eat their dick 😁!"

    9. "My then-boyfriend had an apadravya, which is a piercing that goes through the base of the underside of the penis and diagonally up and out through the top of the glans. I can’t speak for anyone else, but the best sex I’ve ever had was with him. The apadravya was eye-opening — it didn’t hurt, didn’t get in the way, but felt really, really good."

    10. "Getting your nips pierced will mean a stranger is going to play with your nipples for a bit to get them hard and you’ll also have casual conversations with them while standing topless in front of them while they're marking your nipples for the entry and exit point of the needle, so feeling comfortable is very important! I’m very happy with them, and if you think you might want them I would definitely do it!"

    11. "I have a Jacob’s ladder, which is a series of piercings along the underside of the shaft that look like a ladder. It’s amazing!! I’ve had friends want to sleep with me because of it. You have to be careful sometimes though because the barbell gets loose and slips out. Make sure the balls are tight!"

    12. "I have my breasts and private parts pierced. BEST EXPERIENCE EVER! Pain for nipple piercings is a solid 8. It hurts — no lie. But private parts? It was a 3. Slight pinch. The skin down there (speaking for people with vaginas) is thinner than the skin on your earlobes, so it really doesn’t hurt that bad."

    13. "I got the Prince Albert. The worst part is that the layout of your penis is a bit different flaccid than it is hard, so there was a little bit of skin tearing for a while when I would get hard for it to position itself. The most fascinating part is that normally no one wants you to pull out your penis, but once people learn you have a piercing, everyone suddenly wants to see it."

    14. "Nipples are high-maintenance piercings, so don't get them if you're not good with piercing aftercare!"

    15. "I had my hood pierced. It wasn’t that bad to get done, it was pretty easy to keep it clean, and it healed pretty quick. I loved it. If I wore the right pants, it would cause pleasure while walking around. I’m 32 now and considering getting it done again because it definitely steps pleasurable sensations up a notch."

    16. "When I was 18, I got a Christina piercing — where the labia majora (aka outer lips) join together. It was super easy and painless. But, I took it out and now I have a deep, crater-like scar."

    17. "Breastfeeding with nipple piercings isn’t safe for babies because it can become a choking hazard if it comes out during feedings. Despite what people think, I didn’t have milk coming out the piercing holes. I was kind of surprised myself with that one!"

    18. "My ex-husband had his frenulum pierced (the little strand of tissue between the head of the penis and the shaft). Honestly I didn’t like it, not good during sex. He had it stretched and a big barbell in it. Eventually, he took it out. It didn’t feel good to me and he told me he regretted it. To each their own, but it hurt."

    19. "Getting both of my nipples pierced was one of the most painful things I’ve ever done. I made a poor choice in getting them pierced at slight angles. I wanted something unique, but the angle and a boob-focused partner lead to them never fully healing. On a hike one got snagged on a branch and it tore a bit and left a noticeable scar. I am someone who never had sensitive nipples, hoped piercing them would help. It did not. The torn nipple has little to no feeling."

    20. "I had my nipples pierced four times at once. It looked cool, but the rings kept pinching tissue so I took them out."

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    So do you have any private parts pierced? Tell us what your experience has been like in the comments!