15 Picture Day Fails That Are So Bad They're Good

    Say cheese!

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to send us funny picture day fails. As always, the submissions were hysterical. See for yourself:

    1. This kid who is peering into your soul:

    2. This kid who might be holding in a fart:

    3. Or this kid who might be holding in more than a fart:

    4. This kid who had to close her eyes because her future's so bright:

    5. This kid who clearly knew a wig was the best way to achieve full hair volume:

    6. And this kid who proved this was actually the best hairstyle choice:

    7. This kid who probably didn't actually graduate:

    8. This kid who gave the appropriate look when posing next to a tree:

    9. This kid who was obviously distracted at the exact wrong moment:

    10. This kid who looks like she's planning her picture-day revenge:

    11. This kid who worked through the pain:

    12. This kid who still struggles with bangs:

    13. This kid who "captured forever" with more than a smile:

    14. This kid who dressed to impress:

    15. And this kid, who will be your boss someday:

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