19 Pictures That Prove Pregnancy Brain Is A Force That Cannot Be Defeated

    Go home, you're pregnant.

    1. The pregnant momma who tried to unlock a bathroom stall with her key fob.

    2. The preggo who thought she was pouring herself a glass of milk.

    3. The soon-to-be mom who didn't quite start her day off with a cup of coffee.

    4. The mommy-to-be who thought her TV dinner was a drawer.

    5. The pregnant momma who nearly used painters tape as toilet paper.

    6. The preggers who thought this was a cupcake.

    7. The up-and-coming mom who packed her up-and-coming baby's socks in her gym bag instead of her own.

    8. The pregnant lady who put the milk in the cabinet.

    9. And the pregnant lady who put the candle in freezer.

    10. The preggo who used dish soap instead of dishwasher soap.

    11. The pregnant woman who got a little mixed up with her morning eggs.

    12. The pregnant momma who headed out for the day with...a dust pan.

    13. And the pregnant momma who headed out with a TV remote.

    14. The soon-to-be mommy who added some cream to her water.

    15. The pregnant woman who assembled a chair like this:

    16. The preggers who accidentally almost burned the house down with a candle...

    17. And the pregnant lady who didn't burn the house down, but did burn the waffle fries.

    18. The preggo who put her phone on top of her car and drove off.

    19. And the mommy-to-be who accidentally used the men's restroom in Wal-Mart.