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    19 Pictures That Prove Pregnancy Brain Is A Force That Cannot Be Defeated

    Go home, you're pregnant.

    1. The pregnant momma who tried to unlock a bathroom stall with her key fob.

    silverback_wifey / Via

    2. The preggo who thought she was pouring herself a glass of milk.

    meganmayorov / Via

    3. The soon-to-be mom who didn't quite start her day off with a cup of coffee.

    kaysi43 / Via

    4. The mommy-to-be who thought her TV dinner was a drawer.

    manutd4ever / Via

    5. The pregnant momma who nearly used painters tape as toilet paper.

    briajeanmusic / Via

    6. The preggers who thought this was a cupcake.

    nancynaturally / Via

    7. The up-and-coming mom who packed her up-and-coming baby's socks in her gym bag instead of her own.

    http://ashley.k.grace / Via

    8. The pregnant lady who put the milk in the cabinet.

    emilee_b6 / Via

    9. And the pregnant lady who put the candle in freezer.

    michaela_misa_b / Via

    10. The preggo who used dish soap instead of dishwasher soap.

    iamrobinotto / Via

    11. The pregnant woman who got a little mixed up with her morning eggs.

    mekkiepekkie / Via

    12. The pregnant momma who headed out for the day with...a dust pan.

    hehayes87 / Via

    13. And the pregnant momma who headed out with a TV remote.

    lulu_b29 / Via

    14. The soon-to-be mommy who added some cream to her water.

    shannafin / Via

    15. The pregnant woman who assembled a chair like this:

    maggieforsythe14 / Via

    16. The preggers who accidentally almost burned the house down with a candle...

    melissaharrell129 / Via

    17. And the pregnant lady who didn't burn the house down, but did burn the waffle fries.

    abbybethandres / Via

    18. The preggo who put her phone on top of her car and drove off.

    melissavlong / Via

    19. And the mommy-to-be who accidentally used the men's restroom in Wal-Mart.

    kelsiedawn / Via

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