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These Photos Of Real Moms After Giving Birth Prove Kate Middleton Is Super Human

Expectation vs. reality.

This is Kate Middleton and William Arthur Philip Louis. You know them. They are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Well, on Monday, Kate gave birth to the couple's third child – a baby boy. Here they are, just hours after he arrived.

Steve Back / Getty Images

Kate looked pretty damn good for just giving birth. But, this isn't anything new. She also looked pretty much perfect after giving birth to their two other children.

Getty Images

Back in 2013, Kate gave birth to Prince George and in 2015 Princess Charlotte was born.

Of course it didn't take long for the internet to agree...

And for moms to poke fun at themselves.

Moms even started sharing side-by-side comparisons of Kate and themselves post birth.


So real.

On point.

So since people are posting pictures comparing to themselves to #katemiddleton after giving birth, we had to join in! Here is @PriscillaQOD!

Twitter: @mix969

Some started making hilarious memes.

Can someone explain to me how #KateMiddleton was able to look so amazing and in heels HOURS after giving birth??? When I left the hospital, after giving birth, my feet were so swollen I wore slippers in the snow and looked like the pic on right

@stamfordmommy / Via

Others showed the fact that they can't even get through the simple tasks of motherhood without looking exhausted.

Kate Middleton a day after giving birth vs. me an hour after kindergarten drop off

Twitter: @naheedphiroze

I think we can all agree with this tweet.


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